Mona Ciampa, Design Consultant


San Diego

After many years in the Advertising and Marketing field, I decided to embark on a career change. A friend of mine who was a designer for California Closets, (and knew of my passion for the design industry), suggested that I pursue a design consultant career with California Closets. The combination of my past career experience, my love for design, and the innate need that a Virgo has to organize, I soon realized that I loved the challenge of creating customized storage solutions for my clients.

Whether it is a closet, a home office or media center, a garage or pantry; I find it to be a very exciting process when I can listen to my client's ideas, needs and wants and transform them into the perfect solution for their space, while working diligently to stay within their budget parameters. Not only do I enjoy the creative process, but the friends I have made along the way make it even more enjoyable!

Click HERE to view photos of an attic remodel/conversion into a closet!