Cygridh Rooney, Design Consultant


San Francisco Bay Area

I love simplifying peoples’ lives by creating beautiful and long lasting solutions that have a positive impact in their daily lives. An organized life is paramount to the success of us all. By creating organized spaces that also have a great aesthetic, we can only add to our daily sense of well being.

Communication with my clients is key. Listening to my clients’ needs allows me to create custom solutions that fit their lifestyles.

I love our EcoResin line. They’re the perfect blend of style and sustainability. I have the bamboo style in my bedroom wardrobe and it looks beautiful! I also love our Virtuoso and Lago lines. They are contemporary and look and feel like real wood veneer. The Virtuoso line is a horizontal system that creates a European-like atmosphere in your environment(s).

I was an interior designer before joining the team.