Jeffrey Orr, California Closets Central Pennsylvania Design Consultant


Central PA

Jeff was born and raised in Lancaster County and although he moved away several times, he has always managed to find his way "home." Prior to becoming involved with California Closets in 2007, Jeff worked primarily in the manufacturing and distribution business sector in materials and operations management.

So how does an operations manager get involved in spatial design? "Simple," Jeff says. "Whether you are designing production processes, a distribution center or closet spaces the concept is the same... the most efficient use of space is the driver."  

California Closets helps clients customize their home interiors. "Everything we do is custom so clients can have whatever they want. My job is simply to help them figure out what they want."

"The biggest challenge in this business is convincing folks that no space is too small to benefit. In fact, the smallest spaces usually benefit the most by utilizing every square inch."