Patrick Hausske

Design Consultant / Professional Organizer

Like most people, I have many interests and hobbies, including my animals (all rescues), music, architecture (LOVE Frank Lloyd Wright), and home improvement. But the things about which I am most passionate are home design and organization, education, coaching, and simply helping people. With the opportunity to be a design consultant for California Closets, I get to combine all of these passions.

I believe that California Closets customers need, want and deserve creative, effective and quality solutions for their homes, garages, pantries and offices. When spaces function flawlessly, stress is reduced and we are able to live and work more peacefully, effectively and efficiently. When this happens, the value of quality organizing solutions becomes abundantly clear.

So how does someone with a Bible College degree end up designing closets? For me it’s all about helping people. For years I have worked in the corporate world in instructional design and delivery. I thoroughly enjoyed the creativity involved in figuring out how to create training materials and explain new concepts, processes and procedures to many different audiences through a variety of media. I found great satisfaction in seeing individuals learn and thereby improve their lives.

My most recent work was in the mortgage industry, and when that sector of the economy experienced the beginning of the tumultuous upheaval that ultimately echoed around the globe, I had the opportunity to reinvent myself as I encountered an exciting new opportunity – that of the home organization and storage design category. Shortly after leaving the mortgage industry I embarked on a career as a professional organizer, as well as employment with a well-known national retailer specializing in the home organization segment.

There I learned more about designing closets and other spaces based upon the individual needs and personalities of customers, including the elderly and others with special needs.I have also had extensive experience in assisting customers who are caregivers to those with Alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia? this is a very special category of organizing that applies not only to the elderly, but to all who find themselves with their hands full in caring for others.

Making things simple and easy to maintain is key to managing our lives is a challenge, but extremely rewarding when the results help to reduce the stress of our daily lives.So now, with California Closets, I have the tools and privilege to create specific, efficient, and beautiful custom storage solutions for many areas of the home and office. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with individuals and families and determine the best ways to help bring peace and serenity to their lives through beautifully organized spaces.

Give me a call – I very much look forward to assisting you with your own organizing needs!

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