Darci Fredricks

General Manager

Six years ago I started with California Closets thinking it would be a fun job because I loved organization. It did not take long for me to realize that California Closets was about so much more than just getting organized. One of my most memorable clients was a woman who lived in a very nice home in Wayzata. When I went into her closet, everything was in boxes and on garment racks. When I asked how long they had lived in the home, she said six years! She had been waiting to do her closet the way she wanted it. We spent two months getting both her and her husband’s spaces the way they wanted them, within their budget. At 2 a.m. the day after her closet was installed I had a voice message from her. She was crying. She could finally take out her shoes and hats that she loved and store them in a place she felt was special. She wasn’t living out of her boxes anymore.

Its clients like her, and Peter Farstad and Paul Mellblom, that taught me that people’s spaces are unique. They don’t just have “stuff” to organize. People have memories, baggage, frustrations, wasted time, livelihoods and so much more that needs to be considered when designing a space unique to them. I discovered I loved learning those stories. Giving someone an office space that allowed them to be creative or a pantry that saved a working mother time when preparing dinner went far beyond just organization.

Now I am the General Manager of this Minneapolis business I have grown to love. I get to work with an exceptionally talented team of individuals on a daily basis. I still go out occasionally to design to make sure I am hearing our clients’ needs and delivering a product I can stand behind when looking a client straight in the eye. My experience in the field helps me stand my ground that one can never compromise quality in service or product, no matter where the economy shifts. There have been a lot of changes in California Closets of the twin cities area in the last six years. I look forward to seeing what the next six bring!


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