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Reach-in with Style!

Reach-in with Style!

The majority of closets in any home are reach-in closets. They can be awkward, small spaces and are often ignored by home owners as not worth the time to organize. In reality these are the spaces that most need a California Closet. When space is at a premium you need a solution that will truly maximize your space. We utilize as much of every reach-in closet that we can - all while still allowing you to access your top shelf. We can install our closets all the way to the floor to allow for a more furniture or built-in look, or we can install them off the ground to allow for useful storage at that level.

In most cases I can almost double the current amount of storage you have in your reach-in closets! Think of how much more organized you can be! And with our complete customization your closet can be arrange so it can fit all of your unique items. Whether it's clothing, Christmas decorations, or odds and ends we'll find space for it in your new custom California Closet.


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