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A Remarkable Room Transformation for Martha Stewart

client: Martha Stewart

location: Bedford, NY

design consultant: Chris Reynolds

A Remarkable Room Transformation for Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart Empty Room Before the California Closets Transformation

What She Wanted

Beauty can be found everywhere at Martha Stewart’s Bedford, New York home—from the exquisite grounds and gardens, to each elegant, well-appointed room, to every curated collection inspired by Martha’s many travels. Already an expert in organization, Martha had a specific vision for the guest room she dreamed of converting into a custom dressing room. She was tired of keeping her large wardrobe and collections of shoes, handbags, and jewelry in separate closets and wanted one master dressing room where she could store and appreciate it all. To execute exactly what she wanted, Martha called on California Closets to bring her vision to life.

The team at California Closets helped me design a plan that included a variety of custom features and a few personal touches—the layout also blended seamlessly with the rest of my home. I love how it all turned out.

Martha Stewart
Martha Stewart Shoe Storage Shelving in her Newly Designed Closet
Martha Stewart After the Transformation Jewelry Storage Stand in Cashmere Finish with Marble Table Top

How we did it

Chronicling her closet process in Martha Stewart Living, Martha wanted her design to reflect impeccable quality and function. Collaborating closely on every detail with California Closets Westchester design consultant Chris Reynolds, Martha made sure that her installed system could also be easily removed in case any future homeowners wanted to convert the space back into a bedroom. Chris incorporated Martha’s design ideas for the closet’s layout using proprietary CAD software to present 3D options in real time during their consultation.

Martha chose a velvety-grey Cashmere finish, which paired perfectly with her own antique brass hardware and existing hardware in the room. While soft natural light already warmed the space, Chris incorporated accent lighting throughout the design, which featured ample hanging space, a window seat bench with storage, a glass-paneled cabinet, and a stunning marble-topped island where Martha could store small accessories and jewelry. There are even small valet rods where Martha can hang fresh dry cleaning.

This was one of my absolute favorite projects! I loved how Martha incorporated details like ornate brass sconces, restoration glass, and the marble to complement the style of her home.

Chris Reynolds

final result

Color-coordinated and impeccably organized, Martha’s wardrobe, shoes, and accessories are now stored exactly how Martha needs them. The design optimizes the entire space, reflects Martha’s discerning style, and finally gives her the dressing room she envisioned.

Photo Credits:Marcus Nilsson

Design Details


Classic Cashmere

Hardware & Accessories:

Brass knobs supplied by customer

Microsuede jewelry drawer dividers

Front to back wood drawer dividers

Pull-out valet rods

Valet pin


LED ribbon lighting

Slab drawer fronts

Shaker drawer fronts and doors with customer supplied glass

Stone counters supplied by customer

*Note: product availability may vary by location

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Chris Reynolds - California Closets 2018 Chris Reynolds Sales Manager, Westchester & Rockland

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