Use Your Laundry Room For More Than Just Washing and Drying


California Closets Roanoke - Use Your Laundry Room For More Than Just Washing and Drying

Have you ever considered reorganizing your laundry room? Have you also ever considered using it for more than just washing clothes? To create more storage and use out of your home, sometimes you have to get creative. The designers at California Closets Roanoke got crafty by creating ways to make the most out of your laundry room, whether you’re looking for more storage or a place to conduct projects in. Residents in Salem, Southwest Virginia, Charlottesville, Christiansburg Smith Mountain Lake, Bedford, Lynchburg, Franklin County, Rocky Mount, Blacksburg and Fincastle will appreciate a beautiful new laundry room space.

  1. Incorporate a Counter Area

Having free space for a counter area is great for folding clothes and linens so you don’t have to do it on the floor. Adding plants and jars will elevate the space and breathe new life into the space.

  1. Utilize Baskets and Bins
  2. California Closets Roanoke - Linen Closet

Make sorting laundry easy and fun by getting plenty of baskets and bins for towels, whites, darks, socks and more. Pullout hampers are great so you can conceal dirty clothes to keep an elegant laundry room aesthetic.

  1. Get Smart About Storage

Cabinets and shelves store laundry detergents, cleaning supplies, and towels. Selecting a beautiful material and finish will bring your design dreams to life so that everything is cohesive.

  1. Get Storage for Cleaning Supplies
  2. California Closets Roanoke - Laundry Room Storage System

Yes, even your detergent needs a home. Rather than leaving cleaning supplies out in the open, having a pullout rack for detergents, linens, mops, brooms and other items organize often-used items.

  1. Incorporate Doors and Drawers

Doors are a great way to conceal items while providing style. Drawers keep things organized, and drawer dividers organize what’s in your drawer.

  1. Provide Upper Storage for Projects
  2. California Closets Roanoke - Laundry Room and Craft Storage

Laundry rooms are also a great place to conduct projects. Upper storage for paper, scissors and tools will organize your project items and give you a creative, collaborative space to work in.

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