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Summer Colors to Boost Your Mood Year-Round

Summer Colors to Boost Your Mood Year-Round

While you might associate bright summer colors with children’s rooms or craft rooms, don’t rule out their use in other spaces, such as home offices or walk-in closets. Using summer hues in these places can boost your mood or even help you de-stress—all year long.

Blue and Green

Reminiscent of the ocean or a serene lake shaded by trees, shades of blue and green are invigorating and calming all at once. You might associate these colors with a gorgeous day at the beach, a walk in the woods, or even a fun afternoon in the park.

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Orange and Yellow

Summer is a time to revel in the warm sunshine with friends and family, soaking in positive vibes and happy memories. This sunny season is often associated with bright and bold oranges and yellows, which can give your mood a lift.


Red really has a place in every season. In the summer, red is most reminiscent of cherries, tomatoes, fireworks, and popsicles. This color isn’t just bright and bold, but also timeless—and the fact that it’s associated with so many positive aspects of the season makes it a decorating must. Summer is such a fun season. It’s full of vibrant hues that can spark creativity and bring energy to any space. We pulled together some design inspiration to illustrate how you can use popular summer hues throughout your home in a way that will also remain timeless despite the season.


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