The Design Process


Design Consultation

When you call or e-mail us, we’ll set up a free consultation at your house with one of our expert design consultants.

They’ll do a complete assessment and take measurements of your storage space:

  • Wall size and storage capacity
  • Hanging space
  • Shelving space

Then, the design consultant helps you identify your goals for the space. How do you use it now? What frustrates you most about the current design? What would you like to do differently?

Working as a team, you and your design consultant will come up with different scenarios that address your needs.


Virtual Walkthrough

Next, the part our customers love the most! Our design consultant creates a 3D rendering, so you can visualize what the space will look and feel like with your custom storage solution. You’ll feel like you are actually in the room, looking around at the space.

As part of the 3D design process, you’ll be able to experiment with different combinations of:

  • Shelves and hanging areas
  • Hardware and accessories
  • Colors and finishes
  • Room configuration

Building Your Custom Solution

Once you’ve finalized all aspects of the job - the design, finishes, accessories, and price - the manufacturing process begins.


Our friendly, experienced installers arrive in the morning and are packing up by mid-afternoon. In one day, you get a brand new closet that you can start reloading that evening.