Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Mississauga

Wall beds and Murphy beds are ingenious contraptions—sleeping surfaces that fold into the wall. They are the ultimate space savers, tucking mattress, sheets, covers and pillows into the wall instantaneously. California Closets offers a wide a selection of Murphy beds to their Mississauga customers.

Mississauga Wall Beds Create Space Out of Thin Air

One of the most overlooked ways of achieving storage efficiency is the implementation of wall beds in Mississauga homes. The bed is the largest piece of furniture in almost any room and yet it often goes unused. There are many examples of successful solutions to problems of limited space using Murphy beds Mississauga.

The studio—in tight quarters there is often no other choice but to invest in a wall bed. Such a contraption can provide college students, artists or other studio-dwellers with both a sleeping space and a workspace.

The guest bedroom—maybe you have an extra room in your home and you would like to use it as an office, meditation room or art room. But you also like to host guests every once in a while and would like to have that option open. With wall beds Mississauga there is no need to compromise.

When the kids leave the nest—did your kids all leave for college? For parents with an empty nest, one of the greatest treats is being able to provide a home for their kids to come back to. A bed that can fold into the wall is a great way to be hospitable and still make use of the extra space when the kids are not around.

Mississauga Murphy Beds Are Simple and Useful

Advances in design have made Mississauga wall beds easier to use with a system that eliminates the need to use almost any force. Sleek design is the signature of California Closets!