Custom Closets Yorba Linda

In the thirty years that California Closets has been doing business in the area, a lot has changed. Technology is a driving force as the company seeks to improve its design process. One thing has stayed the same—the client calls the shots on the design of their Yorba Linda custom closets.

The Process Behind Yorba Linda Custom Closets

In the process of designing custom closets for your Yorba Linda house, you will be making all the decisions. With the support of the professional team at California Closets, you will lead the way toward a visually appealing and highly functional storage system.

The signature design process starts with a private consultation at your home. An expert will calculate and assess the potential inherent in the space you would like to transform. With the dimensions calculated, the next step is identifying your goals. What do you need to store? How is the current configuration falling short?

With the physical parameters set and your priorities clarified you will receive a three-dimensional rendering of the storage space on advanced computer program. You will be able to start visualizing the future custom closets Yorba Linda that will adorn your home. This is our clients’ favorite part, because they can do a virtual walkthrough and experiment with different colors, configurations and accessories.

Once the final blueprints are ready, the plans are sent to the manufacturing department and before you know it, there is a team ready to install your closets at your home. Installation of any Yorba Linda custom closets comes with a one-day completion guarantee.

Yorba Linda Custom Closets Are Guaranteed to Suit You

As you can see, California Closets doesn’t leave anything to chance. By taking ownership over the process, you are ensuring that you will get exactly the custom closets you want. Yorba Linda residents always come back after their first project because they know they will be satisfied with the work.