Custom Closets Yakima

As a local business, with local employees, we know that Yakima attracts people with a variety of recreational interests. California Closets Yakima has helped outdoor enthusiasts of all types get their recreational gear organized and safe. Our customers report that after their custom closets installation their ability to enjoy the activities they love was increased significantly because all of their gear was ready and organized. Sign up for a free in-home design consultation to explore how our custom closets solutions can get your house in order and looking great.

The Yakima Custom Closets Company

Whether you store your recreational gear in your garage, bedroom or spare room, our experienced Yakima custom closets professionals will find a solution for you.  Once you sign up for your free in-home design consultation on the web or by calling the showroom, a California Closets designer will come to your home.

The consultation will involve a thorough evaluation of your home’s aesthetic and design and your personal budget and storage needs.  This evaluation will provide the foundation for the custom closets design.

For many people the custom closets design process can seem arduous. However, our design experts are trained to make the process fun and enjoyable.  We welcome our customers to get as involved with the project as they want and our designers are trained to respond to many types of arrangements.  After the consultation, the customization process will begin where the customer chooses the material, finish, color and hardware for the custom closet design. 

The Local Choice

All custom closets are fabricated in the Yakima region, allowing us to give our customers unprecedented access to the customization and production process.  Pairing the customer’s customization choices with the initial design consultation designs, the customer nearly has their new custom closets.  Soon, the installers will arrive to build your Yakima custom closets project in your home.  It is our goal to minimize all distractions and inconveniences associated with the installation phase for our customers.