Closet Company Yakima

If there was a survey of all the different Yakima closet companies offering various types of home improvement packages, we would surely find California Closets at the top of the list. This is because we are constantly working on improving our approaches to helping the customers we care about. We simply want to give the best possible storage solution for your him, matched to your needs and desires and intent on purposeful use and creating beauty.

Easy as 1-2-3 for Your Yakima Closet Company

If there are home improvement gods, they are smiling because there is a closet company Yakima can now see as the holy grail for storage solutions.  We make sure to address the earthly needs of your home in a thorough and enjoyable customization process that takes you through 3 simple steps on your way to a brand new custom storage system designed for your home.

First, you meet a consultant, who does a walkthrough of your home, asks you a series of several questions, listens with intent, and take notes.  They'll guide you through suggestions, previous customer units, and other models that we have used to match your home's style.  This is the first step to creating your own system.

Next, we get to the style selection process where you get to be in the driver's seat of your very own home upgrade project.  Its aesthetics will totally depend on you and the current and personal stylings of your life and home.  With this Yakima closet company you'll get full control of build material, color, design, aesthetics, and more.  This'll lead to a blueprint which the consultant and our architects will draw up specially for you to review.

Lastly, after the blueprint is reviewed and sent to the building team, we'll ship all the parts your way at once in order for you to get set up quickly as possible.  Our builders will come and build with the most passion you can expect from a closet company Yakima trusts.  You'll be left with your closet that you designed in your beautifully revitalized home.

Make Moves

The time for making changes has arrived in your home with a bang.  The Yakima closet company that can help you through this process in an enjoyable way is California Closets.