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Of utmost importance for a workbench is its ability to efficiently store tools for easy access while providing a dependable surface on which to work. Although a purely utilitarian approach is the go-to, we believe that form and function go hand-in-hand. Why sacrifice style in the name of utility and functionality? With the help of California Closets, a workbench can be expanded into both an effective garage storage solution and a stylish addition to an impeccably planned space. 

During the course of any building or craft project, the surface of a workbench can become quite cluttered with schematics, writing implements, rulers, etc. It’s a real challenge to keep the tools you need close at hand while also preserving a free and clear work surface area. The key to a clean and functional workbench is having well-designed workbench storage. 

Ideal workbench storage allows your tools and working materials to be easily visible and available, while at the same time adequately protected so they are free from dust, paint splatter and any other work-related mess.  

Here are some tips for safe and functional workbench storage: 

  • Create a workbench with a large clean worktop surface and ample storage space below. We can help you design and create a modular system of shelves and drawers that is specific to your needs. 
  • Go vertical and set up a slat wall above your workbench. Hanging tools and building supplies will keep them off the floor and at eye level, readily available when you need them. 
  • Keep a large trash can close by. If you are able to quickly dispose of off-cuts, material wrappers, and all other work related trash as you go, cleaning and organizing your workbench at the end of the day so much easier. 

Creating an efficient workspace with a well-conceived workbench storage plan is just one of the many strengths of California Closets. Drop by any of our showrooms to learn how to optimize your space with workbench storage that works for your lifestyle and needs.


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