Murphy Beds/Wall Beds The Woodlands

Are you looking to add the versatility of an additional bed or guest room in your home without sacrificing the freedom of your current setup? Look no further, because with The Woodlands wall beds, you will be able to turn any home office, play room or library into a bedroom with a flawless fold or roll out design customized to fit your needs and current home setup.

Build Yourself Convenience

If you call us today, we’ll help get started on a convenient new wall bed installation fit flush into your home.  During the day, you’ll see nothing but your home as it is, but at night, our magic will reveal itself into a luxurious and easy-to-use fold out bed waiting for a sleeper to lay upon it.

Fold Out for Easy Sleep

With The Woodlands wall beds, you’ll be able to enjoy your home as it currently is and additionally with one more bed to sleep on.  Our expert consultants will work with you to ensure that your bed is installed exactly to your preferences, including matching your home decor to dissappear flush into your wall during the day, allowing time and space for living.  Forget squeezing onto couches or laying a mat onto the floor--your guest will sprawl out in the comfort of a bed!

Sleep like Royalty

No one should ever have to deal with a sore back or a squeaky spring set, even a bad mattress.  This is why, with a The Woodlands wall bed, we make sure to use the finest crafted quality materials in order to make your sleep plentiful and restful.  We spend almost half of our lives sleeping--why not make those hours the best possible hours you can get?  With a wall bed from California Closets, you are guaranteed to get a comfy and stable sleep environment.

Phone Us for a Fold Out!

If you are ready to add the comfort and convenience of The Woodlands wall beds to your home, call us today.  We are waiting by the phone to set up a consultation!