Wine Storage Solutions

Whether you're just starting out with wine or have a gorgeous collection that you want to take care of, California Closets has the wine storage solutions to fit your needs. Our custom wine storage solutions can be designed to fit any space using a combination of cabinets and racks.


Lesson #1: Keep them in the dark.
The key to the best wine storage is light -- or lack thereof. UV rays and fluorescent fixtures in particular can penetrate through bottles that do not have built-in UV filters and cause the wine to be "light struck," which produces an unpleasant odor. This is why wine storage is always in dark areas, with incandescent or sodium vapor lamps.

Lesson #2: Wine is best kept on its side.
If bottles are kept upright for too long, the corks will dry out and air will seep in to the wine and spoil it. Store bottle label side up so you can spot sediments that may have formed over time.

Lesson #3: Know which wines will improve over time.
New world, inexpensive wines tend to not improve over time, while classic reds can be stored and aged for 2-10 years, depending on the type and balance of sugar, acid, and tannins.

Lesson #4: Temperature is key.
When storing wine it's important to keep the temperature constant. Try to avoid dramatic temperature fluctuations as the more a wine's temperature goes up and down, the faster it ages! Keeping wine at low temperatures (below 54°F) actually slows down the aging process.


California Closets wine storage solutions will help keep your wine collection in tip-top shape while still allowing you to display your prize pieces. We'll also advise you on selection of finishes, hardware, and accessories -- such as our Oil rubbed bronze finished pieces or Bamboo Ring Ecoresins.

Protect your investment, show off your taste, and accent your home with your own California Closets custom wine storage system.