Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Windham

What’s the best way to make efficient use of space? When your apartment or home is just too tight for all necessary comforts, we have a great option for you. Try one of California Closets Windham wall beds, and you might just find yourself with a whole bucket of new space available. Using Windham murphy beds, you get the comfort of a full sized bed, but you have the luxury of tucking it away. What better way to capitalize on space?

Windham Wall Beds are Ingenious

While not every room has all the adequate space, you can make it available.  There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to adjust a room to it’s multiple uses at various times throughout the day.  Allow your home office, wardrobe or media center to function with its primary role throughout the day time, and pull out your comfortable bed at night time.  This way, you can make space for yourself or a guest, and still retain the valuable space needed throughout the rest of your life.

Our Windham wall beds work with stylish faces and facades, using roll away or fold up technology to make it appear as though they aren't even there.  You can seamlessly integrate your Windham murphy beds into the décor of your room's interior.  Unless you choose to expose your bed, your visitors will never know it’s there.  We’ve worked hard to make a wall bed that is completely integrated, and we believe that we’ve succeeded.

Economy of Space is the Name of the Game

Call California Closets today for a free consultation.  We’re happy to come assess the space you’re working with, taking plenty of measurements, to figure out just what will work for you.  Then hearing you voice your desires and complaints, we can create an ideal situation for the perfect Windham wall bed.  Your new Windham murphy bed is just around the corner, so contact us as soon as you’re ready to make this brilliant investment.