Garage Storage Wilmington

The garage is one of the most versatile spaces in your house. It is too bad that garages are often relegated to the role of clutter heap. California Closets offers a million solutions to for better garage storage in your Wilmington home. Investing increased the functionality and appearance will make you a happier homeowner.

5 Tips for Organizing your Wilmington Garage Storage

1. Verticality: Don’t forget that the most under-utilized space in any room is close to the ceiling. Hanging objects is a really good way to stow away infrequently used but precious objects. Winter sporting equipment is a good example of something you place out of reach for most of the year.

2. Lighting: Install comprehensive lighting so that you do not have to go digging with a flashlight. Workstations and the interior of large storage containers are places that require particularly good lighting. Being able to see is the key to improving your Wilmington garage storage.

3. Labels: Attaching tags to drawers, shelves and other spots will allow others to follow the logic of your organizing. It prevents others from reversing your efforts to put everything in its place.

4. Cabinets and shelves: Cabinets are good for stowing away anything from office files to seasonal equipment behind tidy façade. Shelves are better for objects that you access more regularly. Higher shelves can hold lighter, and lesser used items.

5. Color Coding: Using either clear containers or colored coded ones is an easy way for the entire family to use the garage successfully. Colors take the guess work and frustration out organizing.

Wilmington Garage Storage Eliminates Clutter

Even people who never throw anything away deserve to be able to park a car in their garage. Wilmington garage storage is all about increasing the efficiency of your home’s workshop.