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Simplicity, order, peace of mind--that’s the luxury of a well-organized, well-thought out closet space. And there’s no better place for Northern Delaware residents to find that luxury than custom closets Wilmington from California Closets.

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The Age-Old Problem of Storage

In the 1940’s there was an old radio show that had a running gag where a couple would open their closet and all of their life’s belongings would come tumbling out on top of them.  That’s an extreme, of course, but sometimes it seems like we haven’t made much progress in the ensuing 70 years.  Many of us still have closets that are nothing more than glorified storage bins, wasting space and proving to be a source of daily frustration.

Fortunately, they don’t have to stay that way.  When you make the choice to go with California Closets in your home or work space, you immediately begin the process of revamping and revitalizing your storage area.  The design experts at California Closets will use their vast experience and superior technology to maximize your custom closets Wilmington and simplify your life.  A wide array of shelving, bins, drawers, stackable baskets and other storage options will be explored with an overall design suited to your unique requirements.  There are as many types of design as there are types of closet, and the Wilmington custom closet design process is dedicated to finding the perfect one for you.

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Your custom closet is just a call away.  Make an appointment today for a complimentary, in-house consultation with a Wilmington custom closet specialist at California Closets.  Discover the pleasure that comes with an efficient, elegant closet designed with you in mind.