Garage Storage Wilmette

Garages can be both a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, if used efficiently, these versatile spaces can house both your car and the items that have been deemed as surplus or seasonal. But if not tended to, your garage can be the bane of your home--a difficult to manage mess that prevents you from doing either of the aforementioned tasks. Establishing a foundation that encompasses your car and your lifestyle choices as they pertain to how you use the garage's space can work wonders on your home's long term organizational success. Garage storage Wilmette from California Closets can provide you the customized structure that you've been after for this vital area.

Garage Storage Wilmette For Better Space Management

Safety First

When putting together your garage storage Wilmette layout, you may want to consider the safety of some of the items that are often found in this area. Things like paints, cleaning products, and work tools can be dangerous, and if you have young children, installing locks or elevated shelving in your new cabinets or closets will prevent them from getting into something that they shouldn't.

Bike Mounts

If you and your family are avid bikers, and have been struggling to keep your garage tidy while navigating around the cumbersome presence of your bikes, then we can make a garage storage Wilmette layout for you that will change everything. We can add suspended bike mounts into your design, which will allow you to hang your bikes from the ceiling using an easy pulley system. With both your car and your bikes protected from expensive knocks and dings, you'll have easy access to your wheels while also saving room in the corners for other hobby uses or storage.

All This And More With Garage Storage Wilmette

Customized to your needs and guaranteed to change the way you use your garage for the better, a garage storage Wilmette layout from California Closets can be just the spark you need to keep your whole house clean!