Wall Beds Wildwood

Need another room in your home? Now, turn a bedroom into an office space, living room with entertainment center, lounge space, or even library with Wildwood wall beds from California Closets! With customizable design aesthetics, it will fit into the style of your bedroom, looking as flush as furniture. The beds convert simply and without a fuss into a luxurious sleeping situation for you or your guest.

Quality Wall Beds Wildwood For Your Home

Simple and Effective Multitasking

With the convenience provided by a Wildwood wall bed, you’ll wonder why you don’t have one in every room of the house!  Our beds are so easy-to-use that you’ll be inspired to have guests. With a classic lever, traditional pull down, or a modern roll-out design, the beds turn from inconspicuous wall space to dream-inducing bed in less than a minute.  You’ll never have to deal with skin getting pinched or heavy metal frames again!

Wildwood Wall Beds: Sleeping Beauties

California Closets beds come in an infinite amount of varieties, offering many different choices of colors, materials, size, and layouts in order to blend in with the furniture and style currently in your home.  We don’t think you should ever have to stress out and bend your style to accommodate a home upgrade.  This is why we help you customize it exactly to your liking and personal style--a process that’s fun, painless, and yields beautiful results!

Add Some Quiet Comfort

Quiet and hidden during the day, our wall bed stays silent even when someone is sleeping in it.  Other wall beds creak and grind with rusty exhaustion from just a light roll or natural movement.  Our beds are made with high quality materials that’ll withstand the test of time.

Get Your Wildwood Wall Beds Today!

Contact California Closets today! We are waiting eagerly to help you make the most of your home with brand new Wildwood wall beds.