Wall Beds White Plains

Save space with White Plains wall beds from California Closets. Installing a wall bed in your guest room or bedroom really transforms the space and makes it more versatile than before. You can have a dual guest room and home gym, or a living room that transforms into a guest room when necessary. You can also fold up your White Plains wall beds into the wall during the day when installed in your bedroom, making space for moving around more freely or engaging in other activities.

Diversify Your Space with California Closets Wall Beds

Wall beds are ideal for guest rooms. Guest rooms are tricky, because most households only have guests come to stay over once in a while, but you still want to have that comfortable and private space available to make your guest feel at home when the time does come. That’s why White Plains wall beds are just so handy. They fold up when guests aren’t in town, freeing up that space for a home gym, a living space, or for any other function at all.

White Plains wall beds come in a large variety of shapes, sizes, colors, and design, so you don’t have to worry about compromising beautiful design for great function. It will blend in seamlessly with your preexisting home décor, and you get to choose the design, so it will definitely be a reflection of your taste.

Wall beds are wonderful for kids’ rooms, too. Having a bed tuck away during the day provides much more well-needed space for your kids to play and move around in. Your kids will have more space to spread out their toys and games and more room to let their energy loose.

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