Custom Closets Whitby

To take full control over your home’s interior, it is sometimes necessary to create a custom design. We at California Closets want to empower you to take power over the way you interact with your closet spaces. So, consider upgrading your current closets to Whitby custom closets from California Closets. With custom design come ultimate satisfaction, which exactly what we strive to bring our customers. Let your own residence be the next home to be empowered.

Make Whitby Custom Closets Your Priority

No matter what kind of vision you have for your closet spaces, we can help make it happen. There are such versatile usages for closets, that we know you are the best person to tell us what would make your Whitby custom closets perfect.  However, having been in the home improvement industry for years, we’ve also gained plenty of experience.  Between the two of us, we’re sure to find a great solution to your unique closet needs.

When we begin the process of upgrading your existing closets to Whitby custom closets, we start with giving you a free consultation.  Let one of our expert team members come to your place of residence and take all the necessary measurements.  Combine the logistics with your unique vision, and we start getting a picture of what your Whitby custom closets will look like.  But, be honest.  We want your closets to be the epitome of perfection in your eyes.

Take Full Control of Your Storage Spaces

At this stage, we turn to our extraordinary 3D imaging technology.  Using advanced computer graphics, we can create a virtual rendition of what your future Whitby custom closets will look like.  Take a tour, and then give us any last minute feedback. Not enough wall space? Don’t like the colour?  Let us know.  Then, once we’ve gotten the details agreed upon, we send out of crew of installation experts, and you’re ready to use your brand new Whitby custom closets.