Closet Design Whistler

When you are skiing Whistler you feel like you are on top of the world. There are really very few if any mountains that can parallel the fairy tale beauty and dramatic slopes available so copiously here. When you finish carving the groomed runs for the day, you want to come back to a warm, comfortable, and beautiful home. Only one company can give Whistler closet design that is up to par. And here is how California Closets does it.

The Guide to Whistler Closet Design

The first thing to do to embark on a home renovation or storage upgrade project is to schedule a free consultation. The meeting takes place at your house when a designer pays you a visit.

The goal of the meeting is start a working a relationship so that your needs and tastes can truly come through in the project. The designer will help you bring your vision into focus. Their other task is for the designer to professionally assess the physical aspect of the job. Examining the storage space they will determine the measurements, and the wall capacity for different types of storage.

The next step is the most interactive part of the Whistler closet design process. All the information gathered by the designer is programmed into the computer. What comes out is a three dimensional simulation of the project. The software allows you to experiment with the design and alter all its elements from the configuration to the colours.

Your Stamp Of Approval for Langley Closet Design

Once you put your stamp of approval on the plan, the manufacturing process can begin. Then the installation team takes the hardware and assembles the closet design in your Langley house in no time at all.