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Teenagers are notorious for their uncanny ability to make a mess.  A key example of this is the teenager who just won’t clean her room.  Some have even declared this struggle between parents and teenagers hopeless!  At California Closets Wetaskiwin, we believe the right closet organizational system can make a difference.

Closets Wetaskiwin: Identifying the Problem

What’s The Problem?

Before examining some creative Wetaskiwin closets solutions, let’s identify particular problem areas that can make teen rooms so disorderly.  

In many a teen room, you will find clothing strewn about the floor.  You can find cosmetics covering every open surface of the vanity.  You might also find magazines in various states of disarray, rendering the nightstand unusable.

What’s the Pattern?

It seems that areas with the most disastrous messes seem to be those with open undesignated space.  Whether it’s the top of the desk, the vast blank floor, the nightstand drawer, or a traditional rod closet, these highly messy regions in a teen room have in common a lack of built-in specific determination of how they as spaces should be used.  

Closets Wetaskiwin: Custom Solutions

If a contributing problem to the age-old messy teen’s room quandary is lack of specificity in designating how space should be used, then suddenly the potential solution is brought to light: customization.

With specific organizing systems set up throughout your teen’s room and closet, you can eliminate the blank spaces that invite messes.  With customized bins, shelving, drawer organizers, and more, Wetaskiwin closets can help make it almost impossible for your teen not to keep her room organized!

A Teen’s Room: There Is Hope!

At California Closets Wetaskiwin, we believe that the right custom organization systems can help your teenager’s room become and remain tidy.  Come to your local California Closets branch, and see what we can offer.



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