Westwood Wall Beds

As residents of Westwood know, space is at a premium. With college students flood into town once the school year starts, it can be hard to find a place to put your bed let alone luxury items like instruments or sports equipment. Wouldn’t it be nice if necessary, but space consuming items like beds could simply be used only when needed? Now you can with help from wall beds Westwood by California Closets! Wall beds Westwood are an excellent way to use space wisely in your Westwood home.

Save Space With Wall Beds Westwood!

Any Room Becomes A Bedroom

At California Closets, we give you the freedom to customize our wall beds Westwood in order to situate them anywhere you’d like in your home. With the ability to customize for space and structure, you can option to put your wall bed in any room of your home. So keep your home office by day and turn it into a spare bedroom by night, by simply unfolding one of our wall beds Westwood out of its stored place in the wall when you need it. 

The Quick Spare Sleeping Accommodations Fix

Most spare sleeping solutions involve more effort than they are worth. Pulling a spare mattress out of storage is cumbersome, while blowing up an airbed isn’t exactly the most comfortable option for your guest. Wall beds Westwood are the quick spare sleeping arrangement that is fast and convenient for you and your guest. By using a simple pull-down or pull-out method, our wall beds Westwood are ready to be used in a matter of seconds. 

We’re Here To Answer Your Questions! 

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