Westlake Custom Closets

It’s fun to have something custom made, created specifically with you in mind. Whether you’re getting a new suit, or specially-designed furniture, it highlights your individuality and accommodates your lifestyle just the way you want it to. Did you ever consider the idea that the storage spaces in your house can be looked at in precisely the same way? Give your wardrobe and possessions the customized home they deserve with Westlake custom closets from California Closets.

The Non-Customized Closet

The standard storage design is anything but customized.  The generic fallback of a hanging rod or two and plank shelving simply isn’t going to adapt to the varied and complex storage requirements most people have.  In every home, closet space is a precious commodity, and it is critical that every inch is fully utilized. 

Let’s Work Together

California Closets is the acknowledged industry leader in creating unique, intelligent closet designs tailored to the individual needs of each of our clients.  The outdoorsman, the shoe maven, and the workout warrior all have different storage requirements and a Westlake custom closet from California Closets will reflect that fact.  Your input, practically and aesthetically, determines how we go about building your ideal storage area.

Your new closet should reflect your taste as well, and it will as you make selections from a wide array of colors, materials and accents, right down to the drawer handles.  The finished product will be as individual as you are, a true complement to your home’s décor.

Call or Click Today!

California Closets is pleased to offer a free, at-home meeting with a Westlake custom closet specialist at your convenience.  You’re unique, and we’d be happy to show you how your closets can be, too.