Westlake Closet Systems

It’s been well over 150 years since Westlake, Texas, was settled by Charles and Matilda Medlin, among some twenty other families, and certainly times have changed and Westlake has grown and prospered. But one thing still holds true now as it did then – like in homes all over America, few homes in Westlake have closets that properly serve the families that use them. It’s just a fact of life that homes are built with poorly designed closets. In most homes, the closets are either too few, too small, or both. If that’s the situation you face, it’s high time to call California Closets Westlake, and ask about our innovative Westlake closet systems.

Discover A Better Closet System

What Matilda Medlin didn’t have so long ago was the ability to pick up the phone and call California Closets Westlake.  She had to simply deal with the frustration of having insufficient storage room. You, however, have a choice.  You can have one of our design specialists meet with you in your home and review how you use your closets, why they’re insufficient and how to revitalize them so that they serve your needs.  California Closets has been creating customized home storage solutions for more than thirty years for homeowners just like you.  We’re experts at getting to the heart of why closets are inadequate and what to do about it.  You can revitalize your closets with our Westlake closets systems in three simple steps.

Revitalized Closets In Three Steps

The first step is to have a conversation with a California Closets Westlake designer. After listening to your views about why your closets are poorly serving you, we’ll draw on our vast experience to make our own assessment and then draw up a tentative blueprint of your new Westlake closet systems. The second step is to review all the many options that will create a highly functioning and beautiful closet system. You will choose the color, material, hardware and details that will make your Westlake closet systems unique to you. Finally, in a flourish of activity, we will quickly install everything that you’ve selected, leaving you with a completely revitalized closet system.

Consult With Us, Free

Right now, the only thing you need to do is to call us at California Closets Westlake and schedule your free, in-house consultation that is offered you without obligation. Learn how simple it is to your home the peaceful, organized place it’s meant to be.