Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Western MA

Whatever you once thought about the quality and style of wall beds Western MA, think again! California Closets has revamped the old wall bed with a modern twist that is both easy to use and fashionable.

Western MA Murphy Beds: In With The New

What we aim to do with our Western MA wall beds is not just make more space by having the bed fold up to the wall.  Sure, part of the appeal of Western MA Murphy beds is that they can be used on an as-needed basis, and that when you aren’t using them they are up and out of the way.

However, what we truly aim to do here is to provide you with a multi-functioning room that can accommodate both your needs and the needs of guests.  Our most popular combination is the office-bed, but we also have Western MA wall beds that incorporate shelving units and hutches for games or books.

The new Western MA Murphy beds are super user-friendly, so bringing them down and storing them is a quick and painless task.  This means no hassle for last minute guest accommodations and an easy clean up for you and your family.  There’s nothing worse than a guest that takes up too much space.  With your Western MA wall beds, your home will always look intact and you will stay comfortable because of it.

Best Western MA Wall Beds

The incorporation of your new Western MA Murphy beds into your home is a delicate and easy process.  Find the design that’s right for you, and we’ll just as soon schedule your installation.  Don’t wait to make your dreams come true, because Western MA wall beds are the solution for you!