Wall Beds Westchester County

If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to upgrade your home and make some space, throw out your dingy old space-eating bed. If Westchester County wall beds from California Closets were football players, their versatility and low-profile would make them the perfect safety. Not to mention they are fully customizable, by you!

Adding Options to Your Home

Westchester County wall beds are the perfect option if you are looking to add a dose of versatility to any room in your home.  We help you customize a bed that will be the most convenient for your current arrangement.

Quality in a Convenient Package

We know the usual complaints about wall beds.  That’s why we designed out Westchester county wall beds out of the highest of quality materials from local sources.  Now, you won’t have to worry about collapsing uncomfortably onto a pad of springs, or being kept awake by the squeaking rust of easily-worn coils.  Our wall beds are silent and comfortable, and set up conveniently, with a simple and easy-to-learn fold down or roll-out method.  Either way, the convenience of a wall bed will not force you to sacrifice the comfort and quality that you expect from your sleeping situation.

Clear Some Space For Life!

When you are sleeping, you are resting.  But when you are awake, you want the space in your home to be able to live, exercise, play and work.  With a Westchester County wall bed, you can do both!  We have units that are designed specially for the home office, living room, guest room, play room, and more.  In addition, you will be able to customize every little facet of the bed so as to make sure that it hides away properly, giving you extra room for whatever activity you choose!

Call Today for Your Wall Bed

If you are ready to upgrade your home and make more space for life with a Westchester County wall bed, call the experts at California Closets today and we will gladly set up an appointment for a consultation.