Wall Beds West Vancouver

West Vancouver residents may be diverse, but they all share the experience of cramped city living. Space is valuable and we find many local homeowners looking to transform their homes in ways that can maximize their existing space. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is with the installation of a wall bed in your home. While there are many West Vancouver wall beds companies, we think that our locally-owned and operated California Closets franchise is best for the job.

Transform Your Home With a Wall Bed

Residents of West Vancouver have many options when it comes to West Vancouver wall beds companies.  Sometimes the choice of company can be more difficult than the wall bed installation itself.  We at California Closets West Vancouver have created the free in-home design consultation to avoid this issue.  The free in-home design consultation involves a one-on-one home evaluation with one of our local West Vancouver wall beds designers.

We will create solutions that fit your home aesthetic, lifestyle needs and organizational dreams.  The designer will walk through your home to create a holistic wall bed installation plan that takes the stress of you and puts you on the fast track to home organization peace.  Our wall beds are fabricated in the region, giving us complete control over the design and installation process.  The material, colour, finish and hardware can all be customized to match your home’s aesthetic.

The Perfect West Vancouver Wall Beds Company

While aesthetics is important to us, we believe that ease of use and longevity are of paramount importance.  We design all our West Vancouver wall beds to fit your home, your life and your future. Sign up for your free in-home design consultation today.