Closet Organizers for your West Hollywood Home

If you happen to see a beautiful, perfectly organized closet in West Hollywood, chances are good that our West Hollywood closet organizers had a hand in it. For over 28 years, California Closets West Hollywood has been creating some of the most elegant, stylish, and trendy closets that make it a breeze to store a vast amount of clothing and accessories. If you're ready to bring your home or apartment to a whole new level of luxury, visit our showroom or call our West Hollywood closet organizers today!

5 Tips For Closet Organization

Our West Hollywood closet organizers use cutting edge design techniques to free up space and make organization come naturally, but here are a few tips that can make any closet better:

Use Garment Tags - Storing multiple clothes inside of garment bags keeps them clean and easily tucked away. Attach tags to the outside of the garment bags so that you can quickly identify which clothes are inside — no more time wasted opening bags only to find they don't contain what you're looking for.

Store Extra Paint - Storing paint may not be the first thing you think of when you think of closets, but West Hollywood closet organizers are experts at turning closets into perfect places to store anything. Storing paint in resealable containers keeps the paint fresh and ready to be used for touchups throughout the house at a moment's notice.

Organized Storage Drawers - Looking for a specific sweater? Don't stack up similar clothes — this means you have to dig and move things around to find what you're looking for. Organize sweaters, T-shirts, and other clothes horizontally in pull-out drawers.

Keep a Well-Organized Kitchen Closet - West Hollywood closet organizers can't recommend kitchen closets enough. Rather than trying to store many of your cleaning supplies under the sink, a kitchen closet makes it easier to store everything you need for any cleaning scenario. Brooms, cleaning solution, and a vacuum can all be at the ready with a well-organized kitchen closet.

Organize Vertically - This works especially well for smaller closets, but can be used to make large closets store even more. Shelving in your closet allows you to store more objects vertically, freeing up space so that your closet never seems stuffed.

Leave It To Our West Hollywood Closet Organizers

Call today to schedule an free in-home design consultation, and let our West Hollywood closet organizers usher your home into a new age of elegance