Our Team

At the heart of California Closets is our philosophy of customization.

Experience has taught us that no two customers are the same. Especially when it comes to finding personalized solutions to organization challenges.

California Closets Design Consultants are trained to provide you with a distinct and unique storage design that embraces your belongings and the way you use your living spaces.

A broad array of color and finish options and accessories will beautifully integrate your storage solution into your home décor and the life you lead.

The combination of design skill and product choice creates a customized solution that responds to your needs and wishes exactly.

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Cindy Yost, Senior Design Consultant

Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”  He was absolutely right.  When your house is organized and your storage space uncluttered, you can move through your life with a clear head, never worrying about being unable to find what you are looking for, keeping your mind focused on bigger things.

Cheryl Harvey, Senior Design Consultant

The most important part of my job is developing a trust and rapport with each client. I want to know what is important to them and understand their daily routines and design a custom solution that will mesh perfectly with their lifestyle.

Megan Brown, Senior Design Consultant

I have been helping my clients at California Closets get organized and simplify their lives since 2003. I pride myself on my repeat and referral business and make sure each and every one of my clients receive the fantastic California Closets experience they deserve.

Michelle McBride, Design Consultant

As a designer, nothing makes me happier than finding out what your needs are and creating a beautiful, functional space that meets your every desire. I come to you with a passion for design, and a desire to help you accomplish your goals.

Jennifer Munro, Design Consultant

Designing and organizing a space that reflects my client's personal style is my ultimate goal as a designer for California Closets.The most important way to achieve this is listening to every detail and giving you an unbiased opinion and a professional outlook for your space. I have a B.S. in interior design and studied historic preservation, and previously worked for an architectural firm and as a furniture design consultant.  My design background and educational training are tools to make your process with me seamless and exciting. 

Christine Zack, Design Consultant

"My goal is to simplify homes and lives by creating well organized spaces depending on the client's needs and those needs only. When a long-lasting relationship develops from that, I know that I have reached that goal.The California Closets experience makes me proud to be a member of the Designing team."

Candice Ober, Design Consultant

 Hi and Welcome to my page! I have been with the company for over a year and have been trained to provide you with a unique storage design that maximizes the most storage out of your space and creates the highest level of functionality.  When creating your custom design, I will create a balanced mix of your personal taste with the latest home décor trends.  

Mark Cassidy, Design Consultant

 "Form follows function - that has been misunderstood. Form and function should be one, joined in a spiritual union." - Frank Lloyd Wright