Treat Your Wardrobe Right, With Custom Storage

As a fast-growing, international city, the city of Atlanta is increasingly receiving national attention as a cultural and aesthetic trendsetter. From television shows like "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" to rising fashion designers like Atlanta’s Mychael Knight, Anne Barge and Joyce Simpson, Atlanta is becoming a center of fashion and design. Residents of Atlanta often have distinctive wardrobes that display their personalities and show off their fashion sense. Why hide these wardrobes in dark, crowded closets or poorly-designed drawers? Just like a prized collection or a favorite pet, a quality wardrobe needs quality storage. California Closets Atlanta is the leader in high-quality custom closet design in the Atlanta area.

Personalization for Your Unique Wardrobe

A high-class wardrobe calls for a closet that can match it in capacity and style. Here are a few ways that custom closets can augment your wardrobe and clothing experience.

Live in Luxury
Fabulous closets that make you shiver with pleasure each time you step in aren’t only the domain of fictional Sex and the City characters and Hollywood celebrities. A high quality custom closet is within reach for you too and your wardrobe can have the opportunity to have storage that is worthy of its fashion and variety. California Closets Atlanta can make you feel like a million bucks without spending as much on a closet with the all the bells and whistles.

Wardrobe Organization
What is the use of a great wardrobe if you can never find the outfits or accessories that you want to wear? A custom closet creates organizational space for every item in your wardrobe and makes sorting and finding clothes extremely easy. You’ll never have to frantically search through disorganized piles or over-loaded hanger rods again when your closet is customized to your wardrobe needs.

Customized Storage Experience
Experience a closet that is designed for your clothes and your unique wardrobe needs. If you enjoy the nightlife, specially designed hanger rods or racks for dresses and rotating racks for ties can enhance your experience. If you own a lot of sweaters, you can have extra sweater shelves designed, or extra drawers with separators for bathing suits and undergarments.

Storage Efficiency
A great benefit to a custom-designed closet is that it can take advantage of every inch of your space in an efficient manner, whether you have a normally-shaped closet or strangely angled walls and ceiling spaces. Storage customization doesn’t just adjust to your wardrobe storage needs, but to the special reality of your closet or home as well. In addition to floor to ceiling shelving and half-length hanger rods, you won’t have to worry about an over-crowded closet.

Distinctive Design
No longer should your closet be a dark mysterious region hidden behind a door in your bedroom or hallway. Like any other space in your house, your closet should reflect your style and personal aesthetic taste. In addition to wardrobe storage, the design of your closet can make a strong statement with your choice of building materials, accessories and veneer.

Storage for Your Atlanta Wardrobe

California Closets Atlanta has built a reputation for making anything possible. When it comes to our home storage customization abilities, your imagination is the limit. Schedule a free in-home design consultation online or come in and visit one of our showrooms in Lawrenceville or Smyrna to learn more about how California Closets can transform the space where you store your wardrobe into the place where you organize and display your wardrobe!