Wall Beds Atlanta

If you are looking for a creative and effective solution to create more space in your home, you should consider our brand new Atlanta wall beds. As far as magic goes, this applies to home improvement. Think about using a home office, library, or play room during the day and converting it into a bedroom for the night!

Build to Your Standards

We’ll help you customize and build your very own Atlanta wall bed according to any type of situation.  Let us know your vision for the project and we will work to construct a durable, high quality solution which will allow for multipurpose usage in your home.

Multipurpose Home Improvement

Some people need more room for a home office, some people need to work out during the day.  Some people have kids who need a place to play, and some folks need a quiet place to read.  Any which way, having an Atlanta wall bed will create that room for you.  As a much cheaper alternative to building a whole new room, let us provide you with a roll out or fold out bed that will save space in the day but provide comfort at night.

The Highest Quality Bed

At California Closets, we pride ourselves in providing high quality service and products to our customers.  Such is the case with Atlanta wall beds.  You’ll never have to pry open the bed, or deal with creaking during nighttime rest.  Not to mention it will fit flush and  beautiful with the wall and the current home furnishings you do have.  Durable and sleek, your wall bed will be exactly what you want and need.

Subtle Convenience

If you need convenience and comfort, sleek and subtle, then you should call in to order an Atlanta wall bed today.  We’ll make it work  perfectly with your home, guaranteed.