Kids Room Storage for Youthful Atlanta

Despite its rich and deep history, Atlanta is a city with its face to the future. As one of the nation’s fastest growing cities, Atlanta has a very youthful atmosphere which is reinforced by its high population of people under the age of eighteen. With many family-oriented neighborhoods, great schools and childrens' museums like the Fernbank Science Center and the Imagine It! Childrens' Museum, It isn’t surprising that Atlanta and its surrounding areas are popular destinations for new families. California Closet’s Atlanta, the regions leader in custom storage, understands how important the needs of children are, especially in Atlanta, which is why we specialize in custom design and installation of kids room storage and furniture.

Kids Room Customization for Cleanliness and Fun

Dirty clothes strewn across the floor, games and toys providing an obstacle course to the door, these are the visions many parents have when they think of the kids room. Many storage items and schemes are designed for adults and don’t encourage cleanliness for kids, but custom storage can change that. Whether it is for a child’s bedroom of for a playroom or den, consider the benefits that custom kids room storage can have on your children, your home, and your sanity.

A little dedicated organizational space can go a long way. With customized kids room storage, everything has a place. Drawers can be designed for video game storage, a built-in laundry hamper for quick removal of dirty clothes and large drawers or a chest for toys. The design and nature of the kids room storage can be personalized to the interests and possessions of your child.

Storage solutions can be designed with the kids room in mind. Oftentimes, clean-up is impeded by the difficulty imposed by adult storage. Shelves that are too high or storage spaces with unclear purposes give children an excise to not help tidy up the kids room. With kids room storage customization, spaces can be low enough or big enough to store toys, games and accessories. Low hanger rods can be built into kids room closets for easy access as well. If the kids’ room is designed with adult proportions in mind, it will be the adult (you) who ends up putting away all the things.

A kids room should be just that – a kids room. Custom storage can also make a kids room more welcoming to children. Using brighter colors and cheerful designs make a room more special to a child and give him or her extra incentive to keep it tidy. With a vast array of material and design choices at California Closets Atlanta, you’ll be able to find a perfect balance that makes the kids happy and still harmonize with the rest of your home’s interior design.

High-Quality Kids Room Storage From California Closets Atlanta

California Closets Atlanta has built a reputation for making anything possible. When it comes to our home storage customization abilities, your imagination is the limit. Schedule a free in-home design consultation online or come in and visit one of our showrooms in Smyrna or Lawrenceville to learn more about how California Closets can transform can transform your kids room with custom-designed storage solutions.