Entertainment Center West Atlanta

Good entertainment center storage can be tricky, but if you get it right it can transform how you live in your home. An entertainment center is the focal point of most West Atlanta lounge rooms. You want your furniture to flow towards your entertainment center so you can easily see the entertainment items when you are using them. But at the same time, if you don’t have good storage solutions your entertainment center can dominate a lounge room making the space useless for anything else.

West Atlanta Entertainment Center: Create effective entertaiment center storage in your home

Here are some tips from California Closets West Atlanta for good entertainment center storage:

1) Mounting your television on the wall will create a lot more space. If it can be mounted – mount it. Be sure to get a professional to install an outlet behind the screen (it is against the law to run an electrical cord through the wall). If that isn't an option, consider an entertainment unit that has pre-drilled holes so the cords can be run behind it to achieve the floating TV affect.

2) Hide the wires. If you have surround sound speakers, running the cords under an area rug can make all the difference. Wrap any excess wire in zip cords and keep them hidden behind the unit. There are bands and bags available specially designed to hide wire clutter.

3) Use vertical space. If you don't want to mount your TV, consider an entertainment center with shelving above and below the screen.

4) Be creative with your finishes. Wooden cabinetry is a nice way to incorporate modern technology into a more traditional setting.

5) If you are setting up an entertainment center in a bedroom you might consider an armoire. This is a great way to keep the TV hidden while also serving as functional storage for clothes. Another option is placing a TV on a low, unassuming dresser.

6) Add shelves and sliding doors. A sliding door is perfect for both hiding the cable box or the receiver, and even to hide the television screen when not in use keeping it dust free and also discrete when you are not using it. Most new devices have infrared sensors which makes keeping devices behind close doors that much easier.

7) Consider a custom entertainment center storage solution from California Closets West Atlanta. Custom storage systems are made to your exact specifications and to fit any space in a room.