Wall Beds Webster Groves

Wall beds are the perfect tool to give you versatility for your home. You can use your wall beds or authentic Murphy bed to turn your bedroom into a spacious room for entertainment. Perfect for studio apartments and guestrooms, your Webster Groves wall bed gives you flexibility when you need it most. Turn your den into an extra bedroom for family or friends in little to no time. Entertain in your studio by simply folding the bed away. Make your bedroom a study with a simple folding motion. With Webster Groves wall beds from California Closets, the possibilities are endless!

Discover Wall Beds in Webster Groves

Despite previous misconceptions, wall beds are not hard to handle, but instead are easy to use. In one easy motion, you’ll be able to transform your room effortlessly.  They also enhance your sleep with a suspendable frame. The frame is not only indestructible, but it is light and easy to fold away when taking advantage of its dual function.  Murphy beds are no longer a thing of the past. Webster Groves wall beds are fashionable and affordable attachments that can enhance your living space by giving it depth and dimension. 

With chic designs, the classic hidden built-in bed is modern and multifaceted as Murphy beds can also function as a shelving unit when in their upright position.  Simply add the proper shelving accessories and you’ll be able to make your Webster Groves wall bed into yet another unit to store your personal possessions.

Webster Groves Wall Beds Gives Your Home the Dimension It Deserves!

Perfect for keeping up with your busy lifestyle, Webster Groves wall beds are easy to use, easy to store, and increase your home's potential as they serve to accommodate your needs at the fold of a bed. And with a free, in-home consultation from California Closets, you can be on your way to versatility in no time!