Wayzata Closet Organizers: More Than Just A Clean Closet

You always need a little more room in your closet - a few more shelves, a place for your collections of jeans, and no one ever knows what to do with their belts. Most conventional closets in Wayzata homes use about half of the available storage space and have major access problems. Shoes are piled on the floor, requiring you to bend down to sort through the selection in the dark. Top shelves are often filled with layers of stuff that is both hard to see and difficult to reach. There is no better way to clean up your closet then with closet organizers from California Closets Wayzata. Closet organizers can do more than tidy up the closet. They create space! The in-store design team at California Closets Wayzata can help you design a closet that creates so much extra space in your bedroom you can eliminate the need for bulky dressers and other cabinets in a bedroom or other parts of the house. Whether your closet is large or small, box shape or unconventional in shape. There is always potential to create more space with smart closet organizers from California Closets Wayzata.

Closet Organizers Wayzata: Some Clean Closet Tips

Here are some tips from the storage experts at California Closets Wayzata to help you make the most of your closet space.

The first place to start any closet organization project is have a ‘sort out’. You need to get rid of clothes you no longer wear. If you haven't worn it for several seasons - then it's time for it to go. This can be tough. It's natural for us to have attachment anxiety to our clothes. You can donate clothes to Goodwill - that might help your attachement as you know someone who needs them will have them. One tip to determine the items you no longer use is to turn all of your hangers backwards and as you wear your favorite items, put them back with the hangers facing the right way. At the end of a 3 to 6 month period, get rid of everything that is still facing backwards.

Now you have cleared out the clothes you don't use, its time to organize. Put your most popular items in plain sight, right in the middle for easy access. Any item that isn't seasonally appropriate, place up high or down low. Keep like items together - T-shirts with t-shirts, jeans with jeans.

If you have room to hang everything, hang everything! It makes your clothes easier to access and it looks better. You will be surprised how much you can hang - t-shirts, jeans, scarves, ties. There are custom hangers available at California Closets Wayzata that enable you to hang almost anything. Anything that needs to be folded should be put in drawers or on a shelf.

Make use of the vertical space – even small closets have more than you think. Try moving the bar up to the top of the closet to really free up space underneath for shelves and boxes. If you have a small bedroom, removing the sliding doors all together really opens up the closet. With sliding doors, half the closet is always closed off. Removing them and adding a nice curtain can dress up the room as well as make everything more accessible.

California Closets Wayzata has an amazing range of closet organizers from hangers to shelving to boxes and baskets. Stop by today and talk to one of the in store designers about the best ways to maximize your closet space.