Waterloo Wall Beds

Having relatives or old friends come visit Waterloo for an extended period of time is a great way to relive old memories and create new ones. After taking your guests around your favourite Waterloo sites, you’ll be exhausted from all the laughing and excitement. Without a spare bedroom, however, finding sleeping accommodations for your guest can be problematic. Dragging a spare mattress out of storage is inconvenient for you, while setting up your guests on the couch isn’t exactly the most comfortable solution. Let California Closets help with well beds Waterloo! When you don’t have the space for a spare bedroom, wall beds Waterloo are the perfect compromise for creating spare comfortable sleeping arrangements without taking up space.

Have Your Space And Use It Too With Wall Beds From California Closets

Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Our Waterloo wall beds experts will help you achieve the best of both worlds! Without having to commit an entire room to being a spare bedroom, you’ll be able to use your space for a home office, media room, or family room when a sleeping arrangement is unnecessary. By simply unfurling from the wall, our wall beds convert your space into a spare bedroom only when you need it! 

Convenience Customized

At California Closets, we believe complete customization of products is the best way to insure customer satisfaction.  Our wall beds Waterloo are made specifically for each one of our clients, so you know you’re getting a sleeping solution that works for you when you choose wall beds Waterloo for your home. 

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We offer a free in-home consultation to get you started on our wall beds Waterloo. Our friendly and knowledgable employees will be happy to answer any questions you may have, so don’t hesitate to call!