Closet Organizers Warren

We, the Warren closet organizers of California Closets, pledge to supply your homes with the world’s best custom closet design. Our 25 years in the neighborhood have deepened our roots to the community and helped us understand the needs and lifestyles of residents. Our past and future here are based on having closets that are simultaneously beautiful and functional.

Warren Closet Organizers Without Competition

Closet organizing is an ancient profession that has gone by many names. Some were known as carpenters and some as interior designers. The guiding principle is the craft of storage units that are specifically designed for an individual’s home and lifestyle.

Until thirty-odd years ago, closet organizers were almost unheard of in Warren and other places. Custom closets were a specialty craft available to only a few.

All that changed when our founder went to college and refused to succumb to the spatial limitations of a dorm room. He built his own custom closet and popularized it among other students. The company he founded jump-started a dormant giant. The specialty craft was to turn into a major industry.

To this day, California Closets is the largest custom closet company in the world. We serve hundreds of communities where we've enjoyed a spectacular customer retention rate over the years. Our array of products spans the entire house including the kitchen, pantry, home office, media center, garage, bedroom, children’s room and more.

Besides overcoming limited space, our goal is to fit your closet to your particular needs. Every lifestyle is different and that is an individuality we always hope to foster. Many Warren residents have successfully worked with our closet organizers on the projects of their dreams.

Locally Oriented Warren Closet Organizers

We may be an international brand, but you’ll be surprised how local the shopping experience will be. Meet your Warren closet organizer today to get a feel for our quality and commitment.