Wall Beds & Murphy Beds Walnut Creek

It’s no surprise that the San Francisco Bay Area is one of the nation's preeminent tourist destinations. What’s little known is that the Walnut Creek Chamber of Commerce wants in on the action. In its effort to promote Walnut Creek as a tourist destination, this Chamber of Commerce has asked the City Council to create a "Tourism Business Improvement District". If all goes according to plan, your long-lost cousins will be coming to Walnut Creek, and will want to stay with you. And what better way to accommodate them, or any family member, than with one of California Closets’ Walnut Creek wall beds?

It’s Not Your Father’s Wall Bed

If you’re envisioning some old wall bed relic that your father or grandfather might have had, then you have no idea about what beautifully compact pieces of furniture wall beds Walnut Creek have become.  Any visitor to your home will perceive your California Closets wall bed as a stately, well-appointed piece of decorative furniture that enhances any room that contains it.  Your guest’s mouth will drop when you easily unfold the sturdy and comfortable bed hidden within its furniture framework.  Yes, a California Closets’ custom wall beds Walnut Creek solution will maximize available space, and can instantly transform any room into a comfortable and cozy bedtime refuge.

Why Don’t You Have a Walnut Creek Wall Bed?

Whether you expect an influx of guests or not, given all its amenities, you will want a Walnut Creek wall bed. Consider these qualities:

•        Our wall beds are designed to integrate into our home office, media center, wardrobe, and closet systems, hiding a comfortable bed behind a face and finish that perfectly accentuates your home.

•        There's no need to disrupt your room's look and feel, as our wall bed systems combine style and function.

•        Forget about needing to be a weight lifter in order to operate your wall bed – it opens and closes so easily and smoothly that a child could to it.

•        Choose either a traditional fold-down mattress, or an innovative “roll-out” mechanism; in either case, you or your guests will enjoy luxurious comfort at a moment’s notice.

Don’t Hesitate -- Call Us!

Grab one of our designers for a no-obligation, free consultation about which one of Walnut Creek wall beds best fits your needs.