Build Your Ideal Walnut Creek Home Office

A home office can be simply a well-placed desk in the corner of a room -- or it can be a room all on its own. The important thing to remember about creating a home office in your Walnut Creek home is to make it suit your family's needs. For example do your children need to use a computer? If so, you'll want to set up space that can be shared -- not a corner in your bedroom. Your California Closets design consultant will be taking care of these big planning items, such as home office location, making sure your desk and computer are placed in the right spot, and the details, like allowing room for file cabinets to open. (They're deeper than you think!) But once your home office is in place there are even more ways that you can personalize your space -- after our professional installation team has gone home and you are 100% satisfied with the job.

3 Home Office Personalization Tips

1. Remember when your mom taught you how to use leftover wallpaper to line the drawers of your armoire? You can do the same in your office to personalize the white California Closets desk drawers.

2. Use extra bulletin boards to hold reminders, calendars, and a "To Do" list. On a separate board, you can keep kids drawings, photographs, and other non-work items. Put both boards where you can see them easily. After all, it's important to balance work and family!

3. You don't have to have plain, matching pens -- or any kind of matching supplies, for that matter. Sure, it makes for a cleaner, more professional look to have everything standard issue. But isn't it kind of nice to start writing a check and realize that the pen you're writing with was a gift from your brother, long ago? Bring items that have memories with you to your new home office space. And so what if people think your bright yellow mousepad is tacky? If you love it, keep it!

*Extra hint: Your home office space does not have to be big. Not only are small spaces sometimes easier to work with, they are nicer to work in. If your office ends up looking like a big sterile cubicle in a high-rise, you're not going to want to spend time there.

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