Closet Design Walnut Creek

Our job at California Closets Walnut Creek is to make closet design easy and fulfilling. We take the headache out of the process and inject it with your creative input. Only with you at the helm will the design project flourish to express your individuality both in terms of needs and tastes.

Simple and Rewarding Closet Design for Walnut Creek

Often, people come to us frustrated with the generic storage world and the do-it-yourself promises. Taking these customers and making them excited about renovating their home is our specialty.

Here is how our transformational closet design process works in Walnut Creek and all across our franchises:

Initially you schedule a complimentary appointment with a consultant. They arrive at your home and begin assessing the potential for closet space including measuring the wall capacity and the possibility for hanging, shelving, and cabinet space. The goal of this first meeting is to identify and solidify your goals for the storage space.

With these parameters, we can begin crafting your future closet design. Walnut Creek residents always enjoy this next step. The plans are created on a computer program that renders a three-dimensional model of the design. The software is easy to work with and allows customers with even very little computer knowledge to play with the design. Experiment with color, configuration, accent, and trim. Add accessories or take them away.

This is an easy and fulfilling process and the results are staggering. With the plans finalized and the manufacturing underway it is only a short while until the one-day installation and your transformed home.

Quality of Life is Better in Walnut Creek with Custom Closet Design

Sitting at the footsteps of Mount Diablo, this town is truly surrounded by natural beauty. Bring the wonder into your Walnut Creek home with closet design that inspires you!