Wall Units Guide

Wall units are a seemingly perfect storage solution. Well-placed, they can serve as storage for items that need to be quickly visible, and save precious floor and closet space for other items.

But they're also a Catch-22. Wall units are very visible, so anything you put on them in the living areas of your home are going to be on display for the whole world to see.

Ideal Use of Wall Units

This is why it's important to curate your wall units as if they were standalone works of art. Ideally, you would create a visually compelling mix of books, photos, objets d'arts, small paintings or art pieces, etc. to display on your most visible wall units.

Broken down by a few different room in your home, here are some suggestions for what to keep on your wall units.

Yes, please: Cookbooks, utensils, wine that you plan on drinking within one week, frequently used decorative cloths, kitchen appliances you use every so often, such as a vintage popcorn popper.
No, thanks: Children's art supplies, mail, kitchen appliance user manuals, stereo equipment, small sculptures.

Looks great: Framed personal photographs, decorative bowls, small books, plants, clocks, natural trinkets from traveling like lava rock or seashells.
Looks not-so-great: Any item that really belongs in your closet! If you can wear it, it doesn't belong on your wall units.

Utility room
Almost anything goes, as long as it fits the room. For example, don't keep beach towels on wall units in your laundry room. Unless, of course, you're doing so as a reminder to wash them!

Explore Other California Closets Accessories

In addition to wall units in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, California Closets also offers other wall storage products such as brass and chrome dual hooks for coats and hats. To keep your clothes off the floor, we offer a number of racks for scarves, belts, ties, and pants -- and a pull-out hamper for the wash-ready items.

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