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California Closets is highly committed to providing Vero Beach homeowners with the very best in home office solutions. We believe in product quality above all else, and maintain a strong focus on customer service -- which makes building a custom home office with our Vero Beach designers a true pleasure, from start to finish! Visit our Vero Beach design studio, located at 81 Royal Palm Pointe off of Indian River Boulevard, to get inspired for your own home office. The studio displays samples of our home office products and will give you a more solid idea of what your own personalized home office solution will look like.

4 Tips for an Amazing Home Office

Despite the many distractions in your home, bills still need to be paid, correspondence still needs to be written, and the kitchen table just won’t cut it. Here are a few tips from California Closets for creating a home office space in your Merritt Island residence.

  1. The most important step is to fully dedicate a space in your house to work. Whether this means rearranging your den to create space for a desk and some cabinets or creating storage near your bedroom desk, an area needs to be set aside that can be a work-safe zone. The ideal situation is a separate room set aside for your home office, free from the distractions of a television set.
  2. Set up storage. If you don’t have anywhere to put files, letters, papers and home office supplies, your home office desk will slowly become more and more cluttered until you can no longer use it. Desk drawers are often helpful for smaller items, but consider attached file cabinets and overhead storage to maximize space. With enough storage space, it’s easy to keep your home office organized.
  3. Keep your home office aesthetically pleasing. Although you theoretically can get just as much work done on a card table tucked in your garage, the way your home office looks will make a big difference in how effective your work space can be. It will be easier to concentrate on your many tasks if you are working in an aesthetically pleasing space. There is no reason your home office space should look any less pleasant than your space in the actual office. Put up pictures, plants and other decorations to ease your mind.
  4. Consider a customized office storage system. Unmatched desks, cabinets and shelves can’t take advantage of your unique home office space because they were not designed with your space in mind. Especially for smaller spaces where every inch counts, consider custom-built wall-mounted shelves, wrap-around desks and customized overhead storage cabinets.

The Home Office of Your Dreams

California Closets Vero Beach specializes in creating beautiful luxury home office design and installation. From home office storage to customized spaces for work, California Closets Vero Beach will work with you to create an amazingly distinctive, solution perfectly crafted to fit your unique needs.