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Welcome to California Closets Venice

Venice closets will provide you with all you want and more out of a home upgrade options.  Not many people fall on a closet organizer or storage utility as their first choice of home improvement, but that's because they've never seen it done like this!  We make sure that your upgrade looks as good as those other, more expensive yet more tedious and less functional upgrades such as flooring or furniture.

Perfect for You

We work hard to create a home upgrade plan that thoroughly improves the life of you and yours in your very own place of residence.  It doesn't take much shopping around for the right setup or the best deal, because we customize your Venice closet to make sure that you get precisely those things when you are planning your masterpiece.

Make Things Fit

In life, not everything fits right.  In fact, sometimes there is a square peg that needs to go into a round hole.  Fortunately for you, your Venice closet can be designed into whatever shape you need it to be, to make absolutely sure that all your things fit right.  We make room for your clothing of all types, accessories and hats, shoes, underwear and socks, and more.  We also can build in space for heirlooms, documents, toys, memories, and other miscellanea utilizing the many different models we have for storage.

Easy Customization

How do we help you create and choose the models?  Well, we set you up with a consultant who takes care of your every need and allows you to express the precise things that need to go into your closet space.  This way, you can assemble a unit through bins, racks, hanger space, shelving, and more in order to take care of the intricate details of your life and clear some space out.

Love Your Home

"We ensure that you end up with a refreshed and more lovable home with your new Venice Closet!



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