Wall Beds Vancouver

Most people would put up quite a fight to keep their bed in the bedroom, but consider what you’d gain. Think of all that extra room, perhaps for a desk, table, chairs or a storage chest. “But what about sleeping!”, you might assert. How about if you could get that extra room and also have a bed appear on demand when it’s time to sleep? Whether it’s in your bedroom, a guest bedroom, den or office, Vancouver wall beds are a beautiful and utilitarian way to give your home more space. California Closets has over thirty years of experience in making homes more organized and efficient, and one great way of making that happen is with Vancouver wall beds provided by California Closets Vancouver.

Get More Use From Your Room

In a typical home, the rooms that are most used also become the most cluttered, and that includes the bedrooms. You and your family are often in your bedrooms and that means, so are many of your things.  These things need space, but the biggest space hog in a bedroom is the bed. Why not make your bed disappear while not being used? With Vancouver wall beds, your bed will be displayed only when you want to use it, rather than being a permanent fixture clogging up your bedroom. Rather than a bed that diminishes the use of the room, California Closets Vancouver will provide you with a sturdy, beautiful piece of furniture with your wall bed nestled inside.  With a light pull of a lever, the bed will gracefully unfold and be ready for immediate and comfortable use.

Transform Your Bedroom Into A Functional Office

Given that working from home is at an all-time high, if you don’t have a separate home office, consider how useful Vancouver wall beds would be in bedrooms that are doing double duty as offices.  Rather than squeezing a desk next to a bed, with Vancouver wall beds, telecommuters can free up extra space in their bedrooms. A clutter-free room frees up the mind to do its best work.  At California Closets Vancouver, we’ll do our best to match you with the perfect wall bed for your needs.

Get All Your Questions Answered Today

Whether for our own bedroom, or as a sofa alternative provided for overnight guests, get the information you need to make the right decisions by calling California Closets Vancouver today. We’ll go over all your questions at no obligation to you.