Murphy Beds Vancouver

Vancouver is one of the most diverse cities in North America. Besides living in an incredible city, the only thing that all Vancouver residents share is an intimate understanding of limited space. Like all big cities, space is valuable. It is our goal to help you maximize and organize your space in a way that reflects your lifestyle and aesthetic. One of the favorite projects among our design professionals are murphy beds. Murphy beds are one of the easiest ways to transform your home in ways you could not imagine. Whether you are looking to increase space or flexibility in your home, a murphy bed is right for you.

The Vancouver Murphy Beds Company

As a locally-owned and operated business, we understand that there are many Vancouver murphy beds companies available to residents.  The competition is full of local craftsmen that focus on design, small businesses that provide great customer service and national brands that offer competitive prices.  We at California Closets believe that we are the only Vancouver murphy beds companies that can offer each of these elements to our customers.

We know that it can seem like choosing the right murphy beds company is nearly as difficult as choosing the right murphy bed.  In order to ease that fear, we have created the free in-home design consultation.  Once you sign up, we will send a local Vancouver murphy beds design professional to your home to help you choose a murphy bed that meets your lifestyle and aesthetic needs.  Whether you want to add flexibility or an extra bedroom to your home we have a solution for you.

Murphy Beds Transform Homes

The design professional will make sure that you have full customization options in a way that will not seem overwhelming.  Instead, we hope to tailor a design, color, finish and hardware within a short period of time so that we can get your new murphy bed installed in your home.